Quocirca is a leading primary research and analysis company with native language research capabilities across the whole of Europe, along with North America and the Asia Pacific region. Through its hard fought for independence, Quocirca is not beholden to any one vendor. Therefore, its advice is free from vendor bias and is based purely on the analysis of the primary research it carries out, combined with the broad knowledge and analytical capabilities of its highly experienced team of analysts. Quocirca's primary aim is to provide market insight and knowledge to technology vendors and service providers, enabling them to more effectively develop, market and sell products to businesses of all sizes across multiple geographies. To do this, Quocirca applies the knowledge of its analysts to look at the "bigger picture" - putting the technology into context against the business needs of target audiences - by geography, by vertical and by size of business. Our research is not purely script driven - we pick up on the ad-hoc comments from respondents, ensuring that we report on the real perceptions, not just what is asked for in the survey itself.
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