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21st Century Solutions for Dynamic Cable Management

By: Igus

Moving applications integrated with cables require durable cable management systems. With machines constantly developing to meet higher standards, new challenges in managing systems’ cables come into play. Keeping machines in constant operation requires innovative and modern technology.

There are many “traditional” cable systems used to guide and protect lines. These include festoons, busbars, cable reels and droop cables. Now that Industry 4.0 is unfolding, however, these solutions are considered outdated. To meet modern requirements, the energy chain is recommended for optimal cable management.

Benefits of the energy chain include:

  • Reliable guidance of both cables and hoses
  • Customizable designs for your application
  • Reduction in mechanical stress, overall weight and space
  • Much more

Read our eBook on 21st century solutions and see how the energy chain can enhance your industrial application!

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Published:  Jun 13, 2019
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Type:  White Paper