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Asia's Most Innovative FSI Services

Juniper Networks

As the pressures of digital disruption force companies to either transform or die, companies in Asia’s BFSI sector are rushing to integrate cutting-edge technologies and roll-out innovative new services to their customers.

Fortunately, thanks to rapidly advancing technologies, developments in the regulatory landscape and the initiative of leading BFSI organisations, we are seeing incredible examples of innovation within the sector on a monthly, if not weekly, basis.

To celebrate this trend, we will showcase in this article a selection of the latest and greatest innovations offered by Asia’s leading BSFI organisations, which we believe represent the future of BFSI services not just in the region, but worldwide.

Tags : technology efficiency, market dynamics, data privacy, data security, device management, platform management, enterprise management
Published:  Jun 22, 2017
Length:  7
Type:  Case Study