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Connectivity and Colocation Support Fast Growth—and Peace of Mind

Spectrum Enterprise

FRONTEO provides end-to-end project management, litigation consulting and eDiscovery solutions for a global base of law firms and corporations. To meet customers’ time-critical information needs, Chief Operating Officer David Wilner, requires connectivity and data center solutions that can handle hundreds of terabytes of data—reliably and at top speeds.

That’s why, by 2013, Wilner could no longer tolerate the reliability issues he was having with the company’s previous network provider. In search of a better partner, Wilner’s team chose Spectrum Enterprise. Unlike other providers who, Wilner felt, take little accountability for network reliability, he appreciated that— same as FRONTEO itself—Spectrum Enterprise offered a true end-to-end solution.

Download this paper to learn how this partnership helped FRONTEO with their:  

  • Ability to meet clients’ highest standards for data access and security
  • High-speed connectivity, including efficient use of the cloud
  • Flexibility to serve diverse clients and scale as project volumes rise and fall
  • New hosting solution that’s seamless and reliable

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Published:  Jun 05, 2017
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Type:  White Paper