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Video Conferencing is Not Just For Executives

LifeSize, a division of Logitech

For many years video conferencing has been a well-established communications tool within large organizations. Specifically, customers have long deployed purpose-built solutions in their organizations to support room-based video conferencing as a virtual substitute for traditional boardroom meetings. However, such approaches are self-limiting and, therefore, are now becoming quickly outmoded.

Dedicated rooms and specialized standalone equipment to support discrete use cases can prove to be an expensive proposition. The cost to acquire, install, operate, and maintain traditional hardware-centric video conferencing components such as multi-point switches, media servers, gateways and purpose-built hardware endpoints has historically imposed significant upfront capital investments. As a result, adoption for this monolithic, hardware-centric design has been sparse outside of resource-rich, large organizations.

Further, the high cost of ownership for traditional video conferencing deployments often caused organizations to treat their investments as a tightly controlled resource with access restricted to executives and other high-ranking personnel.

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Published:  Feb 01, 2013
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